“MDC offers deep knowledge about what works in the South.”

Cammie R. Hauptfuhrer
Chair, Cornerstone Children's Initiative, Charlotte, N.C

Driving Change

MDC projects over five decades have helped the South improve education, employment and economic security outcomes. 


MDC brings an abiding commitment to the work of catalyzing change in the South so that everyone – particularly our most vulnerable people – can thrive.

We bring to this work:

  • Fifty years of experience working on the ground  to analyze barriers to economic success, mobilize community partners to act, design and test innovation solutions, and scale solutions that work.
  • Deep knowledge of the region, captured through our flagship State of the South reports, which since 1996 have reported data on jobs, income, poverty and education, called attention to critical challenges and recommended solutions.
  • Proven, evidence-based approaches to economic and social change that help communities create an “infrastructure of opportunity” and foundations strategically target their grant-making to support them.
  • Broad expertise helping communities mobilize to design, prove and scale innovative solutions to deeply rooted economic and social challenges.

Our mission: MDC helps organizations and communities close the gaps that separate people from opportunity.