What We Do

MDC is a catalyst that accelerates equitable change in the South. We research, convene, and provide strategic support to develop strong leaders, disrupt harmful systems, and shape a South where all people thrive.

Research, Framing & Analysis

MDC researches and collects economic and demographic data across the South. We analyze this data to create a compelling narrative that tells the story of where the region is at any given moment. Since 1996, the manifestation of that rigorous analysis is MDC’s landmark, State of the South report.

System Design for System Change

At MDC, we interrogate how systems impact people and how they can be shifted or recreated to achieve better outcomes.

We help partners and communities mobilize for impact. They call on us for:

  • Coaching, training and technical assistance for community partnerships that achieve common goals.
  • Implementing solutions, including program design, program management and technical assistance.
  • Evaluating impact and capturing lessons learned.
  • Practices and policies that support community initiatives.

Equity Centered Leadership

Leaders are the people who design and make systems successful. At MDC, we believe leaders are found everywhere. We seek out leaders where they exist and empower them to speak on behalf of their communities. MDC cultivates leadership that is collaborative, focused on human dignity, and works to improves the lives of everyone, not just a single class or group.