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North Carolina Inclusive Disaster Recovery Network (NCIDR)

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Project Overview

The North Carolina Inclusive Disaster Recovery Network (NCIDR) is a collaborative of public, private, non-profit, and faith organizations seeking avenues for community voice and equitable access to resources in a disaster recovery system. Working with the network is a way for statewide organizations to be good allies for community-based organizations engaged in on-the-ground disaster recovery. MDC Rural Forward serves as the convener and facilitator for NCIDR.


Monthly Meetings

The NC Inclusive Disaster Recovery Network meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 2:00 – 3:30 PM on Zoom.


Our Members

Membership in the NC Inclusive Disaster Recovery Network is free, and everyone can participate in a way that is appropriate for them. And join our mailing list by filling out this short form.


Program and Policy Development

  1. Mapping and Measuring NCIDR’s Network. Exploratory data analysis and modeling is underway with Dr. Bethany Cutts (NCSU), Dr. Teshanee Williams (UNC), and related graduate students on a collaborative multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research project. As part of this research, products will be created that will analyze the NCIDR network using social network and geospatial mapping and will create useful tools to help us understand and be able to discuss who is our current network, where are our strengths, where are there gaps, and how we collaborate to build power.
  2. Community-Engaged Mitigation Planning. In partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund. The NCIDR Research Team has been developing a framework for state and local governments on equitable community engagement. This framework has been developed through an inclusive, community-led process with the NCIDR Research Team that we hope government officials will model in all public engagement efforts. We continue to support leaders and develop resources to advance environmental and climate justice priorities.


Advocating for equitable COVID-19 recovery: The ARPA Partnership Project. The ARPA Partnership Project was formed as a collaboration of four statewide and seven community-based partners to ensure federal funds do the maximum good in their communities. Together we seek to:

    1. Provide tools for community leaders to advocate for accountable, equitable, and community-driven investments using the American Rescue Plan Act​ and other federal recovery grants.
    2. Connect community leaders with resources to support advocacy efforts​.
    3. Connect community leaders interested in regional solutions.


Capacity-Building for Community Resilience. With support from the NC Community Foundation and BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of NC, Merald Holloway is leading Rural Forward NC’s capacity-building programs for self-selected grantees under the NC Healing Communities Fund. Small, community-based organizations led by individuals who are representative of their clients are given priority.


NCIDR Resources: The NC Inclusive Disaster Recovery (NCIDR) network has developed resources for organizations serving historically under-resourced and marginalized communities.

Contact the Project Team

Andrew Loeb Shoenig, Program Director

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