JobLink was an MDC workforce development systems research and analysis project to assess the progress and effectiveness of North Carolina's JobLink Career Center system of 83 one-stop workforce development centers and recommend steps for improvement.

As North Carolina's one-stop workforce development system matured into a network of 83 Career Centers (JobLink), management of the JobLink centers fell to differing state agencies - most notably community colleges and local employment service offices. Consequently, the need to ensure a high standard of effectiveness and continuous improvement throughout the JobLink system took on added importance.

The MDC project was designed to increase the knowledge of JobLink Career Center management and operations staff and to recommend steps to improve individual Center effectiveness and performance - as well as the strength of the JobLink Career Center system as a whole.

MDC emphasized identifying and disseminating information on exemplary management and operations practices and gathered input from Career Center managers, partner agency staff, and workforce investment boards and staff directors reading the depth and breadth of interagency (partner) involvement and collaboration; center management approaches and arrangements; Workforce Investment Board oversight and support; exemplary Center strategies and arrangements; and gaps and weaknesses in Center management and operations.


Findings and recommendations are documented in North Carolina JobLink Career Center Feedback: An Appraisal of Progress, the project's report to the Commission on Workforce Development of the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

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