NC Leading from Home: Investing in HBCC Provider Leaders

Seeking Provider Leaders

MDC is seeking home-based providers and caregivers across North Carolina to participate in our Leading from Home initiative. If you live in North Carolina, are a home-based child care provider or caregiver who leads a community of providers and parents and are passionate about creating change in the child care sector, we invite you to learn more about this opportunity. We want to hear from both licensed and regulated Family Child Care (FCC) providers and license-exempt Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers. Applications open on June 1st. Applications are now closed. 

Are you a provider leader?

If you answer yes to at least one statement in each column, we want you to consider applying for this opportunity.

Program Overview

MDC is creating a leadership network of providers/caregivers in communities across North Carolina. These provider-led groups will engage in four primary activities.

Primary Activities

  • Convene meetings and engage local providers/caregivers and parents to identify their needs and articulate their goals
  • Identify specific supports each community needs to advance their goals
  • Train and prepare participants to engage in policy actions
  • Build a membership list to expand the provider/caregiver network

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals are encouraged to apply. 501(c)(3) status is not required. Priority will go to leaders who meet the criteria below and also:

  • Have clear goals for their provider/caregiver network, particularly in the realms of policy, strategic communications, and engagement.
  • Include parents as partners in your local network activities.


We are looking for applicants who:

  • Are existing home-based child providers or caregivers. Both licensed Family Child Care providers and license-exempt or unregulated Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) providers and caregivers are eligible.
  • Lead or co-lead a network of home-based child care providers or caregivers. This can be a formal network or informal group of providers/caregivers that you regularly communicate and meet with.
  • Commit for two years to:
    • Convening your provider/caregiver network monthly or more frequently. This may take place in-person or virtually and follow established protocols.
    • Growing your network and encouraging additional home-based child care providers or caregivers to join your meetings and efforts.
    • Identifying your community’s needs and desired supports to help you to take action.
    • Collaborating with technical assistance partners around the needs identified by your community to develop strategies for change.
    • Engaging your network in opportunities identified by peer communities. This might include events, surveys, discussions and other engagement opportunities.
      • Collaborating with MDC for 5-10 hours a week on activities including:
      • Participating in 3-4 virtual meetings a month
      • Gather twice a year in person in Durham, NC
      • Sharing of information about members (with their consent)
      • Advising on initiatives
    • Note: The time commitment will be less in the second year

MDC will provide:

  • Monthly stipends for provider/caregiver leaders (can be dedicated to one leader or split among a small leader group).
  • Free technical assistance from MDC and a provider mentor to meet provider and caregiver needs around policy strategy, strategic communications, and engagement supports.
  • Monthly convenings for the community of provider leaders.

Learn More and Application Support

MDC is here to answer your questions and support your application. Connect with us via:


Watch video from our webinar onThursday, June 8 (English and Spanish) to learn more about the NC Leading from Home initiative.

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Contact Us

If you have any additional questions, please contact Laterria Lassiter, Leading from Home Program Manager, at [email protected]

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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