Our Strategic Philanthropy practice helps local and regional foundations more effectively deploy their assets by focusing on reducing poverty and promoting social equity, while helping communities develop their own assets.


We’ve worked since 2003 with boards of directors and senior staff of foundations to help examine how their grant-making to promote economic fairness and opportunity in their communities. In our 2007 The State of the South report, "Philanthropy as the South's "Passing Gear," and its 2017 iteration, "Philanthropy as the South's Passing Gear: Fulfilling the Promise," we call upon the region’s philanthropic organizations to think more creatively and act more boldly to help the South address its dual challenges of equity and competitiveness.

Strategic Network for Community Philanthropy

MDC managed this Ford Foundation initiative designed to develop resources and community capacity, particularly in the American South, to promote social and racial equality. MDC supported local, regional, and national nonprofit organizations engaged in this initiative through a peer learning network, resource development, and technical assistance.