State of the South

Our regional reports since 1996 have framed the challenges to regional prosperity and pointed the way forward for community leaders and policymakers.


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MDC research reports are available for download at no cost as a resource to partners and  leaders focused on creating a South where all people thrive.

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A Community Response for Partway Home Students

America’s Shame, America’s Hope: Twelve Million Youth at Risk

Building Capability, Empowering Students, and Achieving Success: The Financial Empowerment for Student Success Initiative

Disconnected Youth in the Triangle: An Ominous Problem Hidden in Plain Sight

Made in Durham: Building an Education to Career System

Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform

The Community College as Change Agent

The Engagement Imperative

Transferring Success: Structuring community college transfer to support upward economic mobility

What We Know: Lessons From the Developmental Education Initiative


Generations of Progress - A Future of Our Choice : Mississippi Workforce and Economic Competitiveness

Lessons from MDC’s Career Pathways for a Green South

Moving on Up: Transportation and Economic Mobility

North Carolina JobLink Career Center Feedback: An Appraisal of Progress

Pathway Profiles: Network for Southern Economic Mobility Convenings in Atlanta, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., and Charlotte, N.C.

Workforce Development in the South: An Examination of Trends

Economic Security

A Prosperity Grid for North Carolina: Connecting Households and Communities to Economic Opportunity

Critical Infrastructure: Supporting and Strengthening Informal Child Care

Early Childhood and Economic Mobility

Expanding Economic and Educational Opportunity in Distressed Rural Areas

Making Economic Growth Work for Poor Women: Women in Electronics

NC VetsCorps: Supporting Economically Vulnerable Veterans and Military Families

North Carolina’s Economic Imperative: Building an Infrastructure of Opportunity

Strengthening the Rural Carolinas: A Conceptual Framework for the Program for the Rural Carolinas

The Only Way Out is Up: How MDC helped Danville, Va., chart a new vision for its future

Time to Get Cookin' in the South

What Y'all Ought to Know: Facts and Issues on the Federal Role in Addressing the South's Number One Economic Problem

Strategic Philanthropy

A Time of Reckoning: Testing the Will for Change in the Mississippi Delta

Philanthropy as the South's Passing Gear: Fulfilling the Promise

Strategies for Funders: Community Colleges and Rural Development

The Carolinas: Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow