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Your gift to MDC’s general fund helps us and the communities with whom we partner create equity, economic mobility, and prosperity for more people. Private gifts of cash, securities, and personal property are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For over 25 years MDC’s landmark, State of the South has been a major resource, offering insightful views of the South through the twin lenses of equity and competitiveness. Your support helps us research, collect and analyze data to create a compelling narrative that tells the story of where the region is at any given moment.

MDC recruits a talented and passionate recent college graduate each year to work one full year as a paid staff member at MDC. The Autry Fellow works on a range of projects addressing pressing issues of equity in the South. Your support helps us provide Autry Fellows with an experience that will enhance their understanding of social change and help further them on their individual path to promoting equity.

MDC offers the Dan Broun award and internship to honor the late Dan Broun, a staff member who championed place-based strategies to improve outcomes for low-income people in rural communities in the South. Donating to the Dan Broun Internship helps MDC provide college students with the opportunity to contribute to MDC’s mission and build skills and insights that will shape their perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the rural South.