MDC works with partners and communities to create and incubate demonstration projects that test and prove innovative solutions, then scale and sustain what works.

Scaling may mean aligning resources and creating sustainable civic ecosystems within a community. It may mean spinning off new nonprofits that continue the work. It may mean replicating a successful strategy or expanding a solution from one community across regions, states and institutions.


Achieving the Dream

This student success initiative launched by MDC, Lumina Foundation and national nonprofits and universities in 2003 became the nation’s largest, private community college reform program, working in more than 200 colleges in 35 states and the District of Columbia and serving more than 4 million students.

North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center

We participated in the design and served as early staff of this quasi-state agency that quickly became a national model. Its leadership programs trained hundreds of rural leaders in the tools of economic development.