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MDC projects over five decades have helped communities improve education, employment and economic security outcomes. 

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Communities flourish when more people participate. Yet too many communities struggle with the legacy of racial inequities and other factors that keep households in poverty, with little opportunity to move up the ladder to economic success.


Our approach, developed and proven over 50 years, help communities come to deeply understand the barriers their residents face and build what we call an “infrastructure of opportunity” <link to State of the South 2014 report, “

Building and Infrastructure of Opportunity for the Next Generation”> that help those residents thrive.


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Frame a community agenda by identifying the barriers your community members face and strategies for moving forward.


Mobilize for systemic change the key leaders in business, government, philanthropy, education and the nonprofit sector with the commitment and influence to drive it.



Demonstrate and test solutions, drawing from our years of experience and rich portfolio of proven tools and approaches to help communities design and test solutions to solve vexing problems.


Scale and sustain what works by aligning resources and creating sustainable civic ecosystems.




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The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina

Learn how MDC prepared a feasibility student and then designed and built, with community partners, a statewide service network, combining grassroots outreach and technology. to connect low-income families with critical financial supports.



Network for Southern Economic Mobility

Learn how we’re helping four regions position their youth and young adults for economic success and careers.




Partners for Postsecondary Success

Hear partners in this Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded initiative describe the impact of our collaboration model.