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Dr. Jason J. Caldwell

Senior Policy Consultant

Greensboro, NC

Dr. Jason Caldwell is a highly accomplished professional and expert in the fields of intercultural engagement, postsecondary education, community building, and workforce and entrepreneurial development. With an impressive track record that ranges from Assistant Dean to Executive Director, he is recognized as a leader and catalyst for positive change within his community.

As a leader, Dr. Caldwell has been instrumental in driving community-building initiatives that unite individuals from all walks of life. His dedication to creating inclusive and welcoming environments has made a significant impact on the social fabric of his community, allowing people to connect and thrive.

Furthermore, Dr. Caldwell’s work in workforce development has been widely recognized and appreciated. He has designed and implemented programs that empower individuals, particularly from underrepresented groups, with the skills and opportunities necessary for professional success. His efforts have not only contributed to the personal growth of countless individuals but have also bolstered local economies and businesses.

In 2020, Dr. Caldwell’s exceptional contributions and leadership abilities were acknowledged by the Triad Business Journal when he was selected as one of the prestigious 40 under 40 leaders. This recognition highlights his significant impact and influence within his field and beyond.

Additionally, Dr. Caldwell was chosen as an inaugural member of the Hunt Institute’s ElevateNC program. This esteemed appointment further attests to his expertise and exceptional abilities in driving positive change and innovation.

Dr. Jason Caldwell continues to dedicate himself to creating a more inclusive and harmonious society through his continued work as the CEO and Senior Consultant for Ubuntu Consulting, LLC. His unwavering commitment and leadership have cemented him as a prominent figure in his field and a catalyst for positive change.