MDC values diversity as a core asset and source of strength. Our diverse staff reflects our beliefs, values and passions, bringing diverse experiences and perspectives and a wide range of skills and talent that well serve our clients.

We share a passion for advancing the work of equity and opportunity initiatives in communities in the American South. We believe that everyone deserves to live and work in diverse, equitable communities.

We believe in the value our employees provide, and are committed to ensuring our workplace is supportive, equitable and enjoyable, with clear paths for professional growth and development.

Current Openings

Dan Broun Internship

MDC offers a summer internship to honor the late Dan Broun, a staff member who championed place-based strategies to improve outcomes for low-income people in rural communities in the South. The internship provides two-year and four-year college students the opportunity to contribute to MDC’s mission and agenda during a summer and to take away skills and insights that will shape the intern’s perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the rural South.

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