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A Prosperity Grid for North Carolina: Connecting Households and Communities to Economic Opportunity

As North Carolina strives to meet the challenges of the current economic downturn and seeks to address the past quarter century of rising costs and falling wages, stagnating savings and a disappearing middle class, there is a need to reinvest in and reorient our public structures to meet the challenges of today. Indeed, a renewed effort is underway nationally to recall government to its role as the catalyst of a strong economy through building a stable middle class and ensuring sound markets. Recent efforts have included a more central understanding of the role for assets in creating sustainable changes in communities and for families. Assets – for example, interest-earning savings accounts, home ownership, small business development, and guaranteed retirement accounts – generate the economic returns that create stability in the marketplace and in communities. Assets provide a platform for the innovation and entrepreneurship that defines America’s approach to reaching the dream it promises to each of us.