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Webinar Video: What the SCOTUS decision on affirmative action means for philanthropic work in the South

While discussions about the implications of the  SCOTUS affirmative action decision have been underway, we believe it is time for a focused conversation on how this landmark decision affects the South—a region grappling with historical educational and economic disparities, compounded by a shifting political landscape.

During the 90-minute webinar, we will explore the legal restrictions imposed by the SCOTUS decision, examine the potential groundwork it lays for future actions, and strategize how philanthropic organizations and nonprofits doing equity work in the South can operate in this landscape — considering the legal, political, and public ramifications.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding the SCOTUS Decision: An analysis of the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action and its implications for racial equity initiatives.
  • Exploring the Historical Context: A look back at key decisions and other race-conscious legislation to provide perspective on the evolution of affirmative action.
  • The South’s Unique Challenge: We’ll discuss the particular challenges and opportunities that the South faces in its pursuit of racial equity, given the disparities in funding and other increasing pressures.


Dr. Laura Gerald President, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Dr. Laura Gerald brings decades of non-profit leadership experience to the discussion. She will offer insights into the real-world impact of this SCOTUS decision on communities throughout North Carolina and the South.

Edward T. Chaney Attorney, Schell Bray Law Firm

Edward T. Chaney, an attorney specializing in tax-exempt organizations, will provide a legal perspective on how philanthropic organizations and nonprofits can navigate this complex landscape.


John Simpkins President, MDC

John Simpkins, a practicing lawyer with extensive experience in government and non-profit sectors, will facilitate our discussion and provide context on the broader implications of the SCOTUS decision.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, October 3 Time: 12pm-1:30m EST Location: Online Webinar

Published: Oct 06, 2023

Topics: Philanthropy, Racial Equity, The South