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State of the South Webinar: Putting People First for Equitable and Effective Social Services Delivery

Under the traditional service delivery model, people who need help—with food, shelter, education, job training, and more—struggle to get the help they need because available supports and services are not well coordinated or aligned. MDC and its Build Up Initiative foster Integrated Services Delivery (ISD) Networks with and in communities to empower people and families out of poverty and economic insecurity. These Networks “flip” the traditional services model (fitting people into programs) and instead use ISD to plan withand wrap services aroundpeople and their families to help them achieve major economic outcomes. These include increased levels of education, employment, income, and financial stabilitysocial determinants of health that drive upward economic mobility 

Join MDC and its Build Up partners as they share insights from the development of the first ISD Network (Guilford Success Network) and how community organizationsphilanthropygovernmentshealthcare systems, and health insurers can partner with MDC and Build Up to create ISD Networks with and in more communities. 


Published: Apr 10, 2023

Topics: Economic Security & Mobility