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Publications: Press Contributions

MDC has been publishing reports based on our research that not only present issues and data through our lens of equity and opportunity, but also are meant to be readable and accessible to a wide readership. The documents featured here represent MDC’s larger body of work, from program evaluations to research reports to guidebooks for building community partnerships. Visit Library World to see a full archive of original MDC publications, as well as other resource materials that help inform our work and direct our research. (Login: MDC LIBRARY. No password needed.)
Facing South (September 16, 2013) -- Despite the South achieving significant strides in overall economic growth over the last several
The Daily Yonder (May 29, 2013) -- The work of the Barry Community Foundation in Michigan is an example of how a foundation’s role extends beyond grantmaking to becoming a communi
The Daily Yonder  (April 2012) - Now, Sacred Pathways has taken on a new partner and another mission to nourish the local community.
The Press-Register (AL) (December 2011) - In an October guest essay for the Press-Register, Max Rose offered some sound ideas to improve the status of poor people in Alabama. Mr.
The Daily Yonder (September 2011) - Beginning even before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita slammed rural communities along the Gulf Coast in 2005, MDC, a Durham-based non-profit, start
The Daily Yonder  (November 2011) -- For the sustainable agriculture movement to reach its economic potential in rural communities, decision-makers and policy leaders need to find
Community and Economic Development (October 2011) - Research shows that the most vulnerable residents in a community (e.g., low-wealth individuals, children, the elderly, people w
The News & Observer (NC) (September 2011) - Poverty has increased among children faster than any other age group.
The Daily Yonder (September 2011) - The folks of Belhaven are strong, an attribute that was born from our faith.
The Daily Yonder (September 2011) - Peacock’s home was one of the worst hit in this town of 1,688, most of the damage from flooding.
The News & Observer (NC) (March 2011) - The EITC brings people into the labor market, which is a boon for employers, for workers and for the local businesses where EI
Florida Times-Union (November 2010) - The new economy is going to require education after high school.
North Carolina Now (UNC-TV) (February 2011) - According to the report, most Southern states lag not just the U.S.
The News & Observer (NC) (January 2011) - We need to fix an education system bound by early industrial-era structures at a time when we need schools to prepare young
The Philanthropy Journal (November 2010) - Today, the region needs the bold, innovative, and visionary leadership of philanthropy to help mend the region's leaky educational pipel
The Charleston Gazette (WVa) (June 2010) - Now, even as it copes with the effects of a severe economic downturn, the South must show it has the civic strength to update its econom
The News & Observer (NC) (October 2009) - We have learned that doing better means working differently: engaging the most vulnerable members of a community in a proces