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Publications: On-The-Ground Manuals

MDC has been publishing reports based on our research that not only present issues and data through our lens of equity and opportunity, but also are meant to be readable and accessible to a wide readership. The documents featured here represent MDC’s larger body of work, from program evaluations to research reports to guidebooks for building community partnerships. Visit Library World to see a full archive of original MDC publications, as well as other resource materials that help inform our work and direct our research. (Login: MDC LIBRARY. No password needed.)
A publication from the demonstration phase of the Rural Community College Initiative (RCCI) discusses MDC's framework for understanding the multiple levels of competencies community leaders need
An analysis of MDC's lessons from recent experience in community capacity building and long-term work in demonstration program design. Published April 1998.
Lessons gleaned from The Hitachi Foundation's Partnerships in Education and Economic Opportunity initiative, a national demonstration project to network and strengthen community-based partnership
Provides a comprehensive new paradigm for understanding economic development made sustainable through community development.
The extract provides an overview of the guidebook Building Community by Design for those interested in purchasing the guide or seeking an introduction to MDC's comprehensive community ch
A resource guide for community change leaders based on MDC's 15 years working at the grassroots level in comprehensive community change efforts.
An overview of MDC's Connecting People to Jobs program, which uses a partnership approach to move people into living-wage jobs.
Local communities and the state and federal government provide a variety of services, tax credits and other programs to help families.