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The North Star: MDC's Blog

10.02.2015 by
We’ve got some STEMpathy if you’re kind of over stories about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs, and the education and training... read more
09.25.2015 by
Last week the Census Bureau released new data on income, poverty, health insurance, and inequality. Here are some quick insights on economic security... read more
09.15.2015 by
Over the weekend, The News & Observer ran an op-ed by MDC president David Dodson about efforts to improve economic mobility for low-income young... read more
09.10.2015 by
On Wednesday, I attended a screening of “The Toughest Job: William Winter’s Mississippi,” a Southern Documentary Project film detailing Mississippi... read more
09.08.2015 by Anna Shelton-Ormond
Pinpointing one all-encompassing reason why healthcare disparities between racial groups in quality and access persist is as unrealistic as waving a... read more
09.02.2015 by Abby Parcell
We’ve detailed here on the blog that where you start often determines how far you can go—and for people born in low-wealth neighborhoods, it often... read more
08.27.2015 by
Today, this city long plagued by poverty and low educational attainment is on its way to becoming a model of open dialogue and shared measurement,... read more
08.20.2015 by Jenna Bryant
Last month MDC embarked on a collective learning experience to understand the role each of us play in reducing racial inequity.
08.13.2015 by
There’s a standard American ideal: if you work hard and jump at opportunities when they come your way, you can be successful no matter where you come... read more
08.06.2015 by
It’s no secret: the quality of a child’s education is one of the most important factors in her future success. It’s also no secret that educational... read more