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11.30.2016 by
In mid-November, two MDC staff members had the privilege of traveling to the eastern part of the state to hold two of these work sessions: one in... read more
11.16.2016 by
This year’s election highlighted the growing impact Latinos are having on the South. And there’s a reason for that: the highest rates of increase in... read more
11.15.2016 by Richard E. Hart
When kindergarten teacher Ada Goren first attended a Power of K professional development session, she felt a profound sense of purpose. “It was like... read more
11.15.2016 by Abby Parcell
At the end of October, teams from four Southern cities came to Durham to form the Network for Southern Economic Mobility. As individuals and in... read more
11.11.2016 by
In August, we welcomed Elsa Mota, the 2016-2017 Autry Fellow, to the MDC Family.  Welcome, Elsa!Elsa was born and raised in Miami, Fla., and is of... read more
11.10.2016 by
High school students piled out of a school bus while another student came out of his car in a suit. From my first few minutes on campus I could tell... read more
10.17.2016 by Richard E. Hart
David Dodson, president of MDC, discusses how equity can be created by building an infrastructure of opportunity and removing the barriers in people'... read more
09.16.2016 by
“Because it mattered to me and my family.” “Because people matter.” “Because the alternative is stagnation.” “Because kids deserve to have their... read more
07.26.2016 by
A new report released last month by the Economic Policy Institute displays data on the extensive income inequality across the United States. With the... read more
07.21.2016 by Richard E. Hart
MDC leads community college network to build Healthy Places in rural North Carolina  ROCKY MOUNT, N.C.—Chef Frank Bookhardt was talking about the... read more