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09.27.2013 by Scott Edmonds
In the coming months, North Carolinians should count on at least one of the following: hearing a radio spot, seeing a television ad, reading an... read more
08.30.2013 by Abby Parcell
In late 2012, Grantmakers In Health (GIH) hosted a meeting with leaders from the philanthropic, civic, academic,... read more
08.09.2013 by Abby Parcell
Beth Akers of the Brookings Institute ... read more
08.06.2013 by Scott Edmonds
A few weeks back, MDC Senior Fellow Ferrel Guillory examined new OECD data in a... read more
08.02.2013 by Abby Parcell
Sometimes you just can’t write another summary statement. Sometimes you can only write mediocre haiku. All the more reason for you to click through... read more
07.31.2013 by Abby Parcell
This is the first of periodic posts that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the North Carolina Fund, leading up to a week of activities later this... read more
07.26.2013 by Abby Parcell
We’ve got a few little somethings for your economic equity reading this weekend:The piece that generated the most buzz—as well as some pulpit... read more
07.23.2013 by Scott Edmonds
The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is keeping people out of poverty. In the South from 2009 to 2011, 2.2 million people – 52 percent of them... read more
07.19.2013 by Abby Parcell
It’s hot out there. Probably makes you feel a bit lazy. But if you’ve got the energy for a few more mouse clicks, drag that laptop underneath the... read more