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The North Star: MDC's Blog

02.26.2014 by
It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the most valuable trips you can take are in your own backyard. As part of our work with the... read more
02.20.2014 by
Congratulations to Duke University Health System President and CEO Dr. Victor Dzau on being named the new president of the nonprofit... read more
02.04.2014 by Richard E. Hart
When Durham Mayor Bill Bell declared poverty reduction a key priority... read more
01.14.2014 by Jessica McQuaig
Editor’s Note: Jessica McQuaig is a junior at Northern High School in Durham and MDC’s YO: Durham intern.When... read more
12.16.2013 by
Whether we realize it or not, the people who surround us as we grow up inform our sense of possibility. Discreet messages are passed along by what... read more
12.11.2013 by
We all have a story, and telling it can be an emotional experience. We tell our stories to heal ourselves, but we also tell our stories because we... read more
12.06.2013 by
The OMG Center for Collaborative Learning released its second issue brief in a series highlighting lessons... read more
12.03.2013 by
“Everyday equity” describes equity focused on the day-to-day routine of peoples’ lives. The things that affect us daily—bus schedules, parent-teacher... read more
11.26.2013 by Abby Parcell
“We’re working for a world that is different from the world that we have.”In this plenary from the 2013 Learning Institute, MDC President... read more