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The North Star: MDC's Blog

09.26.2017 by Anna Shelton-Ormond
When we consider what it takes to create Southern places characterized by belonging, thriving, and contributing, we know it’s important for... read more
08.29.2017 by
In limited amounts, stress can motivate us to pursue our personal and professional goals. As stressors pass in and out of our lives, the stress... read more
08.14.2017 by
As an organization that has worked for nearly 50 years to build a South that is inclusive, thriving, and just, MDC is saddened and alarmed at the... read more
05.12.2017 by
Currently there are over 72 million women in the labor force, 47 percent of all workers. These women, however, are not paid the equal wage guaranteed... read more
03.22.2017 by
The results of a new study by the Equality of Opportunity Project, however, suggest that while elite institutions provide increased chances of... read more
03.09.2017 by Scott Edmonds
My years on MDC’s economic security team have brought me face-to-face with tax preparation business practices that prey on low-income working... read more
03.03.2017 by Anna Shelton-Ormond
Despite tried and true examples of trickle-up gain resulting from initially targeted policies, the idea that “society benefits when everyone succeeds... read more
02.21.2017 by David Dodson
The Underground Railroad is about the unconquerable, existential human drive for the dignity of a better life. It is about the essential role that a... read more
02.14.2017 by
There is research that suggests some economic benefit to some people who tie the knot. However, there is much debate about how marriage and financial... read more
02.07.2017 by Anna Shelton-Ormond
I was struck by the enormity of intimate partner violence (which in some form affects one in three women and one in four men) and sexual violence (... read more