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Where We're Going: Changing Minds, Changing Communities

Where We're Going: Changing Minds, Changing Communities

“We know what’s right, we know what’s just, and there is a call to all of us to be courageous and stand up for what we know is right and just.”

In this keynote address from an April 2013 Learning Institute, former Savannah mayor and MDC Board Chair Otis Johnson, challenges his listeners to grapple with the definitions, roles, and dysfunctions of social institutions (i.e., government, economy, family, social welfare, religion, and schools) and to find new ways to work together for equitable communities.

Changing Minds, Changing Communities from MDC on Vimeo.

This is the fourth installment in a series called “Where We’re Going: Places on the Road to the North Star,” which explores lessons from the past three years of the Partners for Postsecondary Success (PPS) initiative and looks ahead, toward the North Star goals the partner cities are aiming to achieve. This video was recorded at the PPS April 2013 Learning Institute. PPS, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and led by MDC, is an effort by partnerships in Amarillo, TX; Brownsville, TX; Raleigh, NC; and affiliate site Charlotte, NC, to increase the number of low-income young adults getting postsecondary credentials that lead to living-wage jobs.