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What's Got MDC Buzzing?

What's Got MDC Buzzing?

We’ve got a few little somethings for your economic equity reading this weekend:

The piece that generated the most buzz—as well as some pulpit pounding and a lot of hallway conversations—was David Leonhardt’s “In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters.” Leonhardt’s New York Times article dives into a new study from The Equality of Opportunity Project. Study authors analyzed millions of earning records to compare the odds of upward mobility across metropolitan areas. In short: geography – including dispersion of the local middle class – matters, along with family structure, school quality, and civic engagement.

Andrew Siddons put some faces on opportunity in “Snapshots of Upward Mobile Areas” over at Economix.

Want the animated version of the story? Check out this interactive site from the Economic Policy Institute.

The Center for American Progress and PolicyLink have just released their equity agenda policy roadmap to even the odds of economic opportunity – with particular attention to demographic shifts in our nation and fast-growing communities of color. Learn more at the All-in Nation website.


  • Politico is one week into Morning Education, a daily run-down of education policy news. Y’all should check it out.
  • This week, Jobs for the Future released Thinking Big, a new scaling framework to help states expand and sustain higher education.
  • CFED released their 2012 annual report, full of everything you need to know about asset-building research, policy, and innovation. It’s interactive. There’s even an app—that’s how serious they are about interaction.