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What's Got MDC Buzzing?

What's Got MDC Buzzing?

Here are a few stories from the New York Times that are a good fit for an MDC links post:

First, commentary on a new Century Foundation report that argues colleges are becoming “separate and unequal,” with community colleges serving mostly low-income students, while at the same time receiving a declining share of government higher education spending. The report details federal and state policies that have not changed, even as the profile of the college student has, namely with the increasing enrollment of low-income students. Some of those policies may be the subject of some debate this year, as Jonathan Weisman reports in this piece on a new student loan bill that passed the House this week.

Our last Times tidbit is further afield (Germany) and focuses on youth unemployment. Their model of a dual-track vocational system helps young people earn credentials through work and study—and they’re taking it to Spain!


  • Dean Dad’s take on the Century Foundation report is here at Inside Higher Ed 
  • Georgia State is embracing big data to retain more students and help them get to graduation
  • The Farm Bill and why SNAP matters to families
  • A little workforce science from Evolv: job hoppers and the long-term unemployed aren’t risky hires in the long run