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What’s Got MDC Buzzing?

What’s Got MDC Buzzing?

It’s hot out there. Probably makes you feel a bit lazy. But if you’ve got the energy for a few more mouse clicks, drag that laptop underneath the ceiling fan and check out some of these links.

There’s been much debate about student loan interest rates this week (compromise reached here); new legislation will certainly have implications for students moving forward. This Chronicle of Higher Education article takes a look at state spending on student aid. An annual survey from the national Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs showed an increase in state student financial aid, as well as an increase in the amount awarded based on financial need.

Money isn't the only thing rural philanthropy has to offer. At The Nonprofit Quarterly, MDC's Max Rose takes a look at the many ways rural foundations can influence change in their communities.

In HuffPo (it’s too humid to type out the whole name), this week, Mark Edwards and Kerry Sullivan remind readers why 16-24 year olds matter to all of us. (Hint: it’s about economic success and community contribution.)

Matt Bruenig puts the Earned Income Tax Credit in context—from international cash transfer programs right down to what works at the local level in the U.S.—in the PolicyShop, a Demos blog.

Looking for a succinct review of the research on college-level math readiness? The Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment has got you covered.

The story from Detroit this morning is about bankruptcy. But there’s another story in this recent gathering of leaders who met there to discuss improving life outcomes for males of color: Learn Build Move.

The National Center for Innovation and Career and Technical Education (NCICTE) has launched a four-part webinar series all about building high-quality career pathways in high school. Check them out and sign up here