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A Secular Expression of Faith

A Secular Expression of Faith

MDC President David Dodson recently sat down with Faith & Leadership, an online magazine of the leadership education program at Duke University’s Divinity School, to discuss how his faith informs his commitment to social justice. From his start as a corporate ethicist to his current role leading MDC, Dodson says he always has relied upon his theological training as the foundation for his commitment to social and economic equity.

Dodson told the magazine, “I do this work because of my interest in social justice and fairness … and helping the world come more into alignment with the picture that God has for it. So this is a secular expression of faith…

“Equity is about two things. First, treating people in a way that their situation or position requires -- which is the definition of fairness -- and then working toward balanced outcomes, so that pernicious gaps in well-being are reduced.”

Read the full interview here.