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Our New Home on the Web

Welcome to MDC’s new website. We’ve tried to capture in a readable and attractive way how MDC works, the values that guide us, and a sense of the long history that has never wavered in our dedication to removing the barriers that separate people from opportunity.

MDC Timeline – Highlights from our History

MDC is a nonprofit organization that has been publishing research and developing programs focused on expanding opportunity, reducing poverty, and addressing structural inequity for more than 40 years. Founded in 1967 out of N.C. Gov. Terry Sanford’s North Carolina Fund, the original mission of "Manpower Development Corp." was to design job training programs to help poor and displaced workers in the transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy and from a segregated to an integrated workforce.


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MDC has long focused on education as a critical part of its mission to create equity and pathways to opportunity. Emphasizing the importance of educational attainment to personal, community, and regional economic security—and identifying the barriers that make it a more difficult goal for some students than others—has been a key part of MDC's research and practice. That has led MDC to focus much of its work in community colleges, which are often the most accessible and best equipped institutions to connect students with educational opportunity, job training, and local employers. 


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