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Community Engagement

Get on the Bus

It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the most valuable trips you can take are in your own backyard.

Where We’re Going: The Role of Expectations

Whether we realize it or not, the people who surround us as we grow up inform our sense of possibility. Discreet messages are passed along by what our peer groups, siblings, and parents not only say but what they do. They shape what we imagine we can be.

Where We’re Going: The Art of Storytelling

We all have a story, and telling it can be an emotional experience. We tell our stories to heal ourselves, but we also tell our stories because we want to be heard. We want people to understand our experience and what grounds us.

Where We’re Going: Everyday Equity

“Everyday equity” describes equity focused on the day-to-day routine of peoples’ lives. The things that affect us daily—bus schedules, parent-teacher conferences, community events—may be part of larger systems.


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