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Bonnie Wright

Senior Fellow
Area(s) of Expertise: 
Strategic philanthropy

Bonnie brings thirty years of success as a leadership coach, organizational consultant, and innovative social entrepreneur to her work as an MDC senior fellow. Bonnie leads the Passing Gear Philanthropy work at MDC, working to expand social venture capital and accelerate change through strategic work with foundations. She also worked as a coach in Memphis and Kentucky with MDC’s Latino Student Success initiative.

As a leadership coach and consultant beyond MDC, Bonnie works with leaders primarily in the nonprofit and government sectors, in organizations ranging from the KIPP Foundation to the University of North Carolina to the U.S. Department of Justice.  

In 1996, Bonnie was founder of the Maureen Joy Charter School, one of the first charter schools in North Carolina. Joy Charter successfully educates more than 300 K-8 underserved students annually. Prior to that, Bonnie co-founded the Center for Community Self-Help and Self-Help Credit Union, nationally recognized nonprofit organizations that promote economic development for low-wealth communities. Self-Help provides deserving families with homeownership and small business loans that enables them to build family wealth. Self-Help also advocates for fair banking practices that ensure family security and community vitality.

Bonnie received her bachelor’s degree in economics and urban studies from Davidson College and her master’s degree in public and private management from the Yale School of Organization and Management.